Day 60- October 20, 2009

More free movie tickets. God I love Cinema Nova. And especially its Facebook page. If you join it, you get invites to free screenings (if you’re in the first 100 or so to RSVP). Obviously it’s not in my interests to encourage competition by getting people to join the group, so I won’t link it.

Finally got a call back from Yamaha informing that I had gone through to the next round of interviews for applying as a piano teacher. I had given up on that after they didn’t call on the day they said they would (O me of Little Faith!), so it was a pleasant surprise. It does mean I’ll have to start seriously practising the pieces for my audition (reviving some Kachaturian and Rachmaninoff).

Today’s music lecture was quite amusing, being on pop music and MTV. The lecturer gave a cynical commentary on commercialism and the lack of social context throughout the entire video of Madonna’s Borderline (watch, below). Basically, MTV’s business model is amazing. The psych lecture was also fairly interesting, but I always end up self-diagnosing whenever we learn about disorders, so right now I think I’m an anorexic depressed obsessive-compulsive schizophrenic with multiple-personality disorder and perhaps a hint of agoraphobia.

Came home for a bit and attempted to research for my music essay. It was pretty hard finding sources so I gave up and practised the piano for a while (haven’t used that excuse for a while!). Went out in the evening for the movie, which was the new Michael Moore flick, Capitalism: A Love Story. I was pretty impressed with the way he manages to get his point across. Having only seen parts of Fahrenheit 9/11 (and not being able to cope with the general conspiracy-theorishness) and not having much to compare to, I felt this was a bit less radical. Or at the least, it took aim at big American banks, who seem like total villains anyway. At the least, it raised some interesting points (especially “dead peasant insurance”, which is actually more of a tax dodge) and had an awesome soundtrack (you never go wrong with Holst).

Today’s photo is of Chui in a hat, since I already have too many photos of James eating happily to post this one as the Photo for the Day. Debbie and Chui had been shopping for hats, apparently. I’m not going to ask questions. As James and I both got double passes, we went to the movie with Debbie and Ben. So the five of us had dinner at this place called the Rice Bar (whose slogan was “not only rice”… fair enough?). I also tried to cash some scratchies that James’ grandmother gave me for my 18th last year, but the guy at the convenience store just looked at me strangely and said “scratchies?”. How inconvenient. I’ll have to find a real newsagent tomorrow…


One response to “Day 60- October 20, 2009

  1. Haha, that photo is so unflattering.

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