Day 61- October 21, 2009

Gah. Murphy’s Law strikes again. On the day that I forget to bring my camera with me, I saw a guy walking around the uni dressed up as a gladiator. And I couldn’t even take a photo on my phone because the battery was flat! There was also a mattress at North Richmond that was painted black and with white dots to look like a domino, but that would have been harder to photograph (on account of being on a moving train with excessively grimy and glary windows). How disappointing.

Oh well. I managed to take a fair few photos of not very much at all today (as is my custom). It’s getting to that point in the year where the days are getting noticeably longer and I really love that afternoon sun, so I tried (somewhat in vain) to capture that. I also managed to get this shot from my bedroom window, which reminds me of the cover art to some album (which i cant remember). I also found out that closeups of pegs are aesthetically pleasing, even though it didn’t really show the afternoon sunlight. Dammit.

However, today’s photo is of  a particularly dramatic passionfruit, which I was cutting to make fruit salad. The passionfruit guts (for lack of a more scientific term) normally stick to the outside when you cut it, but these spilled right out and I sort of felt like a murderer. So obviously I took a photo. “I knew you wouldn’t be able to make fruit salad without taking photos”- Mum.


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