Day 62- October 22, 2009


I’m terribly sorry. I’ll stop singing now. It’s just that today has marked my return to The Theatre (this phrase must be said excessively dramatically), by which I mean the commencement of rehearsals for the 2010 Ivanhoe Grammar musical (Jesus Christ Superstar, obviously) with me playing piano. Although I’ve never heard/seen it before, today’s run-through of the songs has put quite a few of them in my head. I will dream of shouting Jews tonight…

The trip into uni this morning was quite interesting. A tumultuous cacophony (still feeling dramatic) caught by attention while I was on the tram and I managed to get this snap of what I presume to be Year 12s, celebrating raucously. Then I saw this colourful character outside Melbourne Central (excuse shitty quality, taken from moving vehicle). This bizarre, coat-donning, flower-brandishing man was running around doing God-knows-what. The Big Issue guy is looking slightly surprised because Flower Coat Man just gave him a huge hug. On arriving at uni, I noticed this subversive poster which appears to be a Lost Dog sign but is actually more strange and links to this website. To top it all off, this innocent-looking telephonist went loco and started yelling “WHO ARE YOU PEOPLE?!” over and over again. It’s a good thing he didn’t kill me for taking his photo (Benefit of Telephoto Lenses #23).

After Psychology, in which we learned why Rorschach tests aren’t used anymore and that we are to double space our essays if we intend to get high marks, we all went to sit on the grass and photosynthesize. Well, apart from Cameron, who ditched. Also, we got some pizza. Here’s Jackie Enjoying Her Life (and infringing upon James’ trademark). Personally, I think the photo is a bit creepy. It seems like a brochure photo for the university, where students enjoy a diverse range of foods such as pizza!

Today’s photo was taken at Ivanhoe. I saw this crow or blackbird or whatever they’re called walking around with a Glad ziplock bag with crackers in it. It was pretty funny. And everything under the sun is in tune, but the sun is eclipsed by the moon.


2 responses to “Day 62- October 22, 2009

  1. Hm the Unexpected Poetry blog that appears on the subversive poster is moderately interesting. And that bird looks hilarious – he’s all: I don’t know what I’ve got, but I’m proud that I’ve got it (ok maybe he’s not, really I’m just speculating).

  2. Evolution has not prepared the birds well for adapting to ziplock bag use. Even if they do have a taste for Ritz crackers.

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