Day 63- October 23, 2009

Alas! I did not take a single photo today. Not that there was anything that fascinating to photograph. Hence today’s photo is not only not taken by me (obviously) but also comes courtesy of my mother’s blog. My artistic contribution was to make it black and white and such. Yeah. It’s me practising my part for Jesus Christ Superstar (see yesterday’s post). I’m really enjoying the music so far and can’t wait to see it all come together.

Aside from that, today was most unexciting. Apart from lunch. The sandwich I made today was brilliant– definitely in my Top 5. A succulent combination of tasty cheese, hot pancetta, fresh rocket and tzatziki on soft ciabatta (more than just a little bit classy). I really should start another blog and dedicate it to excellent sandwiches. I wonder if there’s any other devotees out there? I’m still looking for something to top #1 on my list: the time that Sarah burned the bread and we scraped off (well, got Dad to scrape off) the burnt bits. It infused the bread (as well as the majority of the house) with a wonderful smoky flavour. Good times.

In my music tute, we watched Thriller in its entirety (embedded below for your enjoyment and edification) and bemoaned the unmitigated shitness of commercial music. I have resolved to make learning the dance moves to Thriller my SWOTVAC project, the last two being a great deal of baking and recording music. I’m still working on that music essay. Hopefully I’ll get somewhere with it by the end of the weekend…


One response to “Day 63- October 23, 2009

  1. nothing will knock them from #1
    they were too awesome for that

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