Day 64- October 24, 2009

Woken up by a phonecall (somebody after my father) at about 9am today. Epically disoriented. It normally takes me about fifteen seconds to remember what day it is when I wake up (especially if abruptly), but I spent about five minutes unable to remember what the day was or what was happening. I probably also spent that time speaking incoherently on the phone, as that’s the way to talk when you’ve just woken up.

Apart from vacuuming the house, playing the piano, tutoring and eating, nothing terribly exciting happened for the majority of the day (although I did have a rather enjoyable chocolate and banana smoothie… don’t know why I continually feel the need to report on my food/drink consumption, but nevertheless make no apologies). I also spent a fair deal of time researching for my essay, which I’m still unsure about. Argh!

But it was all good, because we went off to my cousin Larissa’s engagement party in the evening. It was held at a bowls club, which was pretty cool as it was a decent space and you could play some bowls if you felt like it (I wasn’t very good at it at all). I took quite a few photos (as I tend to do). There were obviously ones of people bowling, as well as cake, Pat in a Hat, Julia eating a stick for some reason (vegetarians…), Hallam with sticky fingers, people rocking out; and of course Dave and Larissa.

I also ended up with some strange “Arts student” shots of me and Dee, as we were the only two there (that somehow explains it). This is us pondering lofty things, bemoaning the purposelessness of life, her taking my order at McDonalds (Arts student career path) and posing for University brochure photo (you know, the “animately discussing ideas on the South Lawn in a racially and culturally diverse group” ones).


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