Day 65- October 25, 2009

Long rehearsal today. Seven hours of Andrew Lloyd Webber. Which, annoyingly, includes several songs not in 4/4. Being a classically trained pianist, used to solo performance and specialising in music of the Romantic era, I very rarely keep time. So when I’m not only expected to not make up the beat, but to count in seven (“It’s easy! BA-ba-BA-ba-BA-ba-ba!”), I fail. Oh well, I’ve got quite a few months to practise.

After the rehearsal, I caught the train into the city to see Maxim perform with his Melbourne Youth Music (MYM) group, the Percy Grainger Youth Orchestra. They performed along with the MYM choirs (Vox Minor, Major and Synergy), which sang, among other things, It Don’t Mean A Thing (If It Ain’t Got That Swing). Good fun.

Maxim’s group was pretty good, performing Dvorak, Sibelius and others, and featuring a solo trumpeter for one of their pieces. I’ve got photos of all of these, but I really can’t be bothered going through and linking them, so you’ll just have to have a look at my Flickr page.

We finished the day off by having dinner at the Denn (where else?) and by walking back to the car singing various songs (“I dreamt I met a Galilean…”). Good times.


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