Day 67- October 27, 2009

Last Music lecture today! *wipes away tear* We listened to Shakira and some Paul Simon songs in which he plays about 15 seconds of “authentic” South African music before singing over the top of them. Alice showed me some book and Steve and I discussed Jews. Good times.

I decided to go to the State Library in order to work on my essay (made a start on it! woot!), and happened to walk past a good deal of construction. I had forgotten that they were renovating Myer. I wonder what it will look like when it’s done– one wall is finished and it’s all weird and glassy. So then I spent quite a long time sitting there in the Redmond Barry Reading Room thinking about Bob Dylan and getting very hungry (no connection between the two).

As I was sitting there and looking around the room (anywhere, in fact, but at my work), I noticed this guy waving to me. I assumed I’d met him before and had forgotten him, so I gave that awkward “hey…” nod and went back to staring at my taskbar. Later on, he actually got up, walked up to me and asked me if I was English. “Um… I speak English?” “Oh… I thought you were English because your face is… cherubic”. CHERUBIC? I was slightly freaked out and laughing on the inside at the same time. Luckily, he left me alone then but he did wish me a good day when I got up and left a few hours later. Strange…

I had a bit of time before dinner, so I took a few shots of a rather ominous sunset, an intriguingly lit-up garbage truck and wonderfully tacky Chinatown on my way to Tattersalls Lane and the Shanghai Dumpling House. It was Liz’s (pictured) birthday, and more importantly, Tuesday $12 All-You-Can-Eat. I think I had More-Than-You-Should-Eat. Still full of thousands of dumplings… So basically, we ate shitloads of food and listened to the bizarre mix of music that gets played there (a combination of Beatles, swing and sugary slow-dancey pop) as well as a Happy Birthday track that kept getting played. We weren’t sure if all the Happy Birthdays were for Liz, but we sang along raucously regardless.


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