Day 68- October 28, 2009

Stayed home today. Pros: Got to sleep in, have leisurely breakfast/lunch (you know the kind of meal when you’re home all day), get work done on my essay. Cons: Not that much to write about or photograph. Dang it!

So I finished my essay. Thank goodness. I’m the kind of person who spends approximately ten times more time than is necessary on things like this, so getting things done is always a bit of a relief (even if the assignment is nothing much). I’m also the kind of person that spends 99% of my time researching and taking notes that end up being at least twice the length of the actual essay, so once I get past the “argh I don’t know what I’m doing” stage, it’s all smooth sailing. Basically, that means I’ve been doing this essay for about two weeks now (on and off… you know how it is), I started it yesterday and I finished it today. Hooray!

Apart from that, the day was most uninteresting from a blogging perspective (not that an essay is that riveting, but hey). I mean, apart from getting my new laptop, which is a fantastic source of relief to me, given the slow and painful and generally not-working-very-well nature of my old one. I’ve been pulling my hair out and all, what with it taking literally hours sometimes to copy and upload my photos. So once I get everything running on this one the way I’m used to (NO I DO NOT WANT MSN NEWS POPPING UP ALL THE TIME), everything will be sweet. That’s a photo of me wrestling with a good deal of packaging, by the way.

I’m currently in the process of copying everything from my old one to a hard drive and onto my new laptop. Bye!


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