Day 69- October 29, 2009

Last psychology tute (for the semester/year) today (sniffle sniffle). We actually learned some useful things, such as that if you claim you got brain damage in a car accident, the TAC will give you lots of money, and about the kinds of tests they use to find out whether you’re faking (massive compensation payout, here I come…). We then celebrated by sitting under some shady trees (because the sun was searing hot and also there were lots of ants around that place) and eating pizza. I’m getting slightly better at picking the stale-ish pizza from the fresh-from-the-oven ones. Heh. No photos of pizza (I have too many photos of people Enjoying Their Lives), although I have Charlotte pulling a particularly queer face. I also went to my last Self and Other tute (THANK GOD IT’S ALMOST OVER), but didn’t stay very long.

The reason why I left early and why I was wearing a shirt and tie today (that’s a Jackson Pollock tie!) was that I had a interview with Yamaha. I applied a while ago for a job as a music teacher with their music school, and had a group interview. So I walked to Flemington Road, took a tram down through the west end of the CBD and ended up in a thoroughly confusing part of town with roads going everywhere (no photo). The interview (slash information session) was quite amusing, consisting of us having to do one of the dances from the music classes (step, step, hands to the sky… do the monkey dance!) and planning and acting out skits (ours was about a couple at a restaurant that got seated at a crummy table but ended up involving Lady Gaga and me as a homophobic French waiter). We also had to answer things like “if you had five wishes” or “five things you would do if the world was to end in seven days”. There were some laughably suck-up questions such as “I wish I could work with austistic children and help them!!”. Yeah, ok.

Took a few photos of the city on my way from there to the station on my way to another JCS rehearsal, including today’s photo, an angle of the city that I don’t normally see (and one that makes it look very different!), as well as this somewhat phallic one. Heh.


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