Day 72- November 1, 2009

It’s the first of November today (pinch and a punch, yadda yadda), which also means the start of Movember! In case you haven’t heard of it, Movember is a charity that raises money for prostate cancer and depression research and awareness by encouraging men to grow ridiculous facial hair. Or in my case, it’s probably going to turn out to be a filthy scraggly little thing. Luckily, “it’s for a good cause” is a great umbrella excuse. Heh. This should be amusing. I’ve made a Facebook page for people to join so you can my face getting progressively more and more unsuitable for public viewing. You can donate online here or give me cash to pass on to the charity (standard tax deductible thingy applies).

Aside from that, it was a pretty ordinary Sunday afternoon (well, apart from the morning, which was clearly not afternoonish in any way) spent playing around in Lightroom, licking meringue mixture (Mum’s already preparing for Cup Day, even though our day will not in any way be associated with the race) and practising for my audition with Yamaha Music Education (eek! less than two weeks!), which involves playing piano and singing (including in solfage) and making up an accompaniment to Waltzing Matilda (which is to be played in five different keys). So yeah. Your typical Sunday afternoon. Oh, I also watched Curb Your Enthusiasm and didn’t “get” it. I’ll keep trying, James…

And because it’s not immediately obvious, today’s photo is of my upper lip clean shaven. Well, it’s my entire face, but the lip must be clean shaven on November 1. Also, it’s not really “clean” (I shaved in the morning), but I put off taking the photo until evening. Enjoy?


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