Day 73- November 2, 2009

Mmm… got to sleep in today. Wonderful feeling. After breakfast, I drove to the gym and had just put my money in the meter when I noticed that there was almost an hour on the empty spot next to me. Doh! I also (finally) submitted my form for the compulsory Psychology research experience, or rather three of them, since I kept forgetting it at home and had to write down three entries on three separate forms.

In fact, a lot of time today was spent on Psychology, revising zones of proximal development and what happens when you abandon Japanese babies and the such. But that’s not really that fascinating. In fact, probably the most interesting part of the day was the making of white chocolate rumballs for tomorrow’s Cup Day lunch. We’re not really into the racing or anything like that, but a public holiday is a public holiday and a great excuse/opportunity to have a big old family lunch. Dad insists he’ll be fine to eat barbeque despite having a tooth pulled today (Mum recommends that he stick to sausages, but he knows better).

Anyway, so they’re quite delicious and very simple to make– white chocolate, cream and rum. Melt it and mix it, put it in the fridge and then make balls of the mixture. Mmm melted chocolate. I also coated them in sprinkles, the Photo of the Day. I was going pick this photo, but for some reason I can’t seem to get the photo looking right– it just looks funny, but I can’t tell why. Any suggestions? Also, here’s me rolling the rumballs.

Also watched the Star Trek movie (the recent one). Can’t say I understood everything that was going on (time travel and not-paying-attention-to-the-movie aren’t a good mix), but it seemed pretty good. Good special effects and whatnot, anyhow. Time travel is always a bitch to understand, unless you’re watching something silly like Back to the Future. Might have to watch it again, and get somebody to explain the whole backstory to me…


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