Day 74- November 3, 2009

Melbourne Cup. The day that stops the nation. Well, people in Melbourne get a public holiday but everybody else has to go to work. It still seems slightly strange that we all get a holiday because of a horse race. And it seems slightly strange that all these people focus so much effort and money into a race that only lasts a few minutes. And some of the fashion is also pretty strange. Actually, there’s a lot thats a bit strange. But that’s ok, because we get the day off.

Well, I had the day off already (considering the semester has finished and I’m on study break), but it meant that all the people who actually have jobs were off and we were able to have a nice lunch (pictured). With lots of barbeque. And we got to our new outdoor set (summer, here we come!). The weather was really nice and there was heaps of food (epic photo link whorage). Also, Maxim got his hair cut for some reason. He didn’t look happy.

James came over a bit later, just in time for dessert (he caught up on mains in record time) and of course the Cup. Lena wrote out the names of all the horses and we picked them out of a bowl. I was a bit disappointed that out of the three I chose, the best odds were 10:1 (on Shocking), but he/she/it (what are racehorses?) ended up winning and scoring me $15! As you can see, it truly is the race that stops the nation. Or at least our living room. This all was, of course, followed by dessert, which included Pavlova as well as the white chocolate rumballs I made yesterday. I’m a lot more pleased with this photo than the one I took yesterday; I think they look better in natural light.

I also watched a Dylan Moran dvd (hilarious) and installed Adobe Creative Suite 4 (awesome). I’m not exactly sure what all the programs do, but I’ll work them out (looking forward to learning how to use Photoshop). At least I didn’t have to pay $5000 for it. I love the internet…


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