Day 75- November 4, 2009

After going to the gym (and eating remnants of Cup Day lunch from a Tupperwear bowl on a tram), I met up with Alex, who was/is busy preparing some sort of portfolio for his VCA (Victorian College of the Arts) application. He’s applying to study film or animation or something there (I forget… sorry!) and needs a reel of short clips. I agreed to help him by appearing in one of his short films (short as in one minute) which involves a man (me) who gets in a lift only to discover that the lift opens up to various wonderful locations (all of which were filmed in Melbourne today), such as a busy street, an alleyway and a park.

The first part of the film was to get all the shots involving the lift done, so we went to the Manchester Unity building (corner of Swanston and Collins Streets) as it had fairly cool lifts. Unfortunately, we found it was notoriously difficult to film things involving lift in a building in which people actually work and move around using the lifts. For some shots, we would have to wait ages for the lift to come, and when it did it would be full of people. And then people were always quite surprised, and sometimes looked a bit intimidated and refused to come into the lift when we were in it. In fact, I’m quite surprised security didn’t kick us out of the building, considering the nuisance we were making of ourselves, what with holding lift doors open (well, we had to do several takes!) and Alex making noises at people. There were security cameras, so I guess security were just amused.

Since his clip involved the lift door opening into different locations, we went to film in an alleyway, Caledonian Lane. Apart from getting the shot done, I took heaps of photos of graffiti, a passing motorbike and the back of what I believe to be an Indonesian restaurant. There’s heaps more photos, so check out the Flickr page. Speaking of graffiti, in looking up the name of the laneway, I read an article in a paper about an anti-graffiti campaigner who was pushing to stop legalised street art (as it supposedly encouraged illegal graffiti). Although a lot of graffiti is just ugly (tags and stuff not really involving much creativity), I really enjoy colourful graffiti, especially in the city’s laneways.

We then hopped onto a tram to the Carlton Gardens to shoot the last parts (the part where I get out of the lift and find myself in a park). This included a bit where Alex climbed up a tree to film me from above. I was then trying to take photos of falling leaves but found this to be incredibly difficult (waiting for them to fall and focus and movement and just generally taking photos of green things against more green things). So I had to get Alex to hold some and drop them to make it easier. This is the best shot I came out with.

I had planned to catch a certain train to Darebin for a band rehearsal (for the musical production) but ended managing to catch an earlier train (what a clever public transport user!), which didn’t actually stop at Darebin (not such a clever public transport user…). I then thought I’d be smart by taking the train in the opposite direction to avoid having to walk, but I read the timetable wrong (still don’t know how…) and ended up in Clifton Hill (super fail). So I had to run up and down ramps with a bag on my back, my camera on my neck and a banana hanging out of my mouth (I got hungry at some point) in order to catch a train back (again). Sigh.


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