Day 77- November 6, 2009

Oh no! I didn’t manage to write today’s post yesterday, or yesterday’s post yesterday; or whatever post it was that I didn’t write on the day! I blame Meg, because she made us leave earlier than I thought and so I didn’t have time. But that’s for tomorrow’s post, which is later today. Alright, I’m confused now…

Today’s photo is from the Eastern Precinct carpark at Melbourne University. Because of delays on my train line, I decided instead to drive in, but got there earlier than I thought and had to stay in the car so I wouldn’t run out of parking later. After a while, I got bored of that (despite having Belle and Sebastian playing) and pulled out the camera. Today’s photo is actually a composite of nine photographs of varying exposures (amount of light in the photo) merged to form what’s called an HDR (high dynamic range) image. I’m going to have to play around with some more of those, having seen some interesting ones (and also some horrible ones!) on Flickr.

After going to the gym (and learning that one of the staff members has a doctorate in philosophy… so THAT’S where philosophy gets you!), I had a listening test for my music subject, Popular Music of the 20th Century. It’s a bit disappointing that they aren’t offering it next year, since I’ve already recommended it to everybody. I don’t know whether it’s because we had too much fun (a breach of university rules) or whether it went over budget (what with the lecturer and tutors always giving us chocolate).

Anyway, the test consisted of listening to fifteen songs and writing pretty much anything we wanted to about ten of them, with Kit-Kats given out at the start and at the halfway point. All exams should be like that. It was fairly easy, although I forgot the names of some of the songs (especially country music… did not pay attention that week… eugh!). And that was 20% of our semester mark. Nice.

If I had written this yesterday, this would be the point where I’d write “and I’m about to go out for Ben’s birthday…”, but I didn’t get to write then. So this is where I stop the story, because that’s for today’s/tomorrow’s (argh Time!) post and anyway, I haven’t uploaded the photos yet.


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