Day 78- November 7, 2009

Let’s start with yesterday, which was really today. Confused? I hope you are. Then I can claim that the blog is postmodern (woo). It was Ben’s birthday so we all took the train to Ivanhoe and had dinner at Saffron, an Indian place. Last time I went there, I ordered a dish that came in “hot” “hotter” or “hottest”. Being me, I decided I was capable of eating the hottest one. The waitress had to convince me that it was probably a good idea to try the one below that. Even then, I went through about four dishes of yoghurt. I didn’t make that mistake again, and got something that was tolerably spicy. Ben got a lamb dish that looked a bit strange but tasted nice. And a gummy spider. Becuase it was his birthday. We also kept waving to this chef who never waved back…

Today’s photo is of the two Bens and Taliya doing the Speak/See/Hear No Evil thing while we were on the train to the city. We ended up at some bar called Spleen (how appetising). We celebrated (or rather, were forced to celebrate) by singing along with Grace to the TGI Friday birthday song. And of course, James Enjoyed His Life (with Guinness).

Later today (ie actually today), Maxim and I went on a quest for free slurpees, it being the seventh of the eleventh and thus 7-Eleven Day. Unfortunately, the machine was “broken” at the closest store, so we drove out to the next one, which was struck by the same mysterious condition. Gah! We ended up just going to a BP and paying for them so that Maxim could also Enjoy His Life. Unfortunately (again), Dad was somewhat annoyed because he was late for church, having let us take his car, believing that we were just going up the road (and not on a frozen drink-related roadtrip). Heh.

In the evening, I made improvised risotto (tomato, ham and goon). No photos, except for this one of butter in a pan. Then went to James’ place because his mum had people over for a Mediterranean-themed evening/party/shindig. I missed out on most of the Mediterranean (which is ok… I don’t eat olives), but arrived in time for icypoles (very European), which were enjoyed by all.


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