Day 79- November 8, 2009

Anna and Pat got married today! It was a stinking hot day, which I suppose is better for having a wedding than a rainy one, especially if you opt for antique firetrucks in the places of limousines or wedding cars (Pat is a fireman).  So at least one person fainted and everybody else was either drinking water by the litre and/or sweating in similar quantities.

After the service at the church, we all went to the reception, which was held at Monsalvat, an artists’ community in Eltham. The grounds were pretty interesting (a bit Hogwarts-ish) and there were peacocks. They were loud. The ducks were also noisy, but less so. Hors d’oeuvres were served in the Long Gallery (which funnily enough was a long gallery), and there were several speeches before everybody moved to the Great Hall (see, Hogwarts!) for dinner.

The hall had a nice feel, with several long tables and a buffet dinner featuring several types of carved meat, salads and other dishes. There was also a balcony on which a band later played and a dancefloor of sorts. Oh, and cake. Of course there was cake. Except the slices were massive and so you had to go halfsies with somebody if you wanted to try more than one. They were delicious though.

I took several hundred photos throughout the day (589 to be precise) and have stayed up picking and sorting and editing. However, it’s very late now so I’ve given up. I picked what I think is a nice photo of Pat and Anna (they look happy) and will upload the rest tomorrow. Zzzzz….


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