Day 80- November 9, 2009

Since pretty much nothing happened today, today’s photo is from yesterday (but it was the evening, so it’s ok!). It’s of the flower girls from the wedding sitting down in a doorway during the speeches. I got tired of taking photos of people giving speeches (especially since there were a lot of people in front of me and it was difficult to take a shot that didn’t have the back of somebody’s head in it) and noticed them sitting there. I think they’re Pat’s nieces… Anyway, I like the photo because of the afternoon soon and because of the doorframe, which was pretty cool. There were a lot of cool doors/windows/buildings/peacocks/everything around there.

I stayed up till almost 4 last night trying to pick, edit and upload photos. At some point I decided to give up (it was very time-consuming) and go to bed. So I got them done and uploaded the next day (today), when I woke up in the afternoon. Classy. They’re all up on Flickr (Facebook, too). There’s the wedding service, a kiss, families, antique firetrucks, peacocks, speeches, food (of course!) and dancing. So check it out. Yeahhh.

Apart from that, I ate risotto, revised my Politics (what with the Utopian Socialists and their parallelogram communes), tutored language analysis (with the help of a copy of the Herald Sun) and made fruit salad. Oh, and avoided an insect swarm outside. Somebody should let the Israelites go; I think there’s a plague.


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