Day 81- November 10, 2009

Argh it’s hot. It’s not actually as hot as it gets, but it’s a big change from being consistently under 20 for most of the start of Spring. And hot weather means summery drinks; in this case “Moscow Mules” which I read about in the latest edition of Gourmet Traveller (I am so with it). Well, I stole it from Mum when she came home from the supermarket. And when it comes down to it, the drink is basically vodka and ginger beer with lime and mint. But they look nice. And taste nice. And they’re summery. So there!

After making french toast for lunch, I went off to the gym. It was delicious, but a bad idea. Especially considering it was really hot and I drank lots of water and got an epic stitch. Ow. But that’s alright, because I consoled myself with an iced coffee at Brunetti’s afterwards while writing a birthday card for Sarah (her birthday is on Friday, so wish her a Happy Birthday!). I bought it at the Poppy shop (Lygon St), which is where I buy 80% of my birthday cards (and also go to look at the vintage tin wind-up toys), and writing cards at cafes always makes me feel like I’m in a movie. If I could just get everything to turn black and white, get some sort of jazzy background music and a smooth-voiced voiceover, everything would be great…

I also started walking in 7/8 time at some point, because I was whistling some music from Jesus Christ Superstar (“Nazareth your famous son/Should have stayed a great unknown…”), which involves making every third step one-and-a-half times as long as the others (One-two One-two One-two-three). I realised it must make me look incredibly silly, but found it quite difficult to stop. Should I seek help?


One response to “Day 81- November 10, 2009

  1. I can’t feel ma legs.

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