Day 82- November 11, 2009

Today, I got up at 6.45 to drive to a road called “Truck City”. FML. I realise that most people do get up around that time, and many much earlier, but as is repeatedly pointed out to me, I am an Arts student. This involves sleeping, being disdainful of things and thinking about lofty topics such as ecofeminism (it’s actually a political movement). Basically, the LPG tank in Mum’s car needed to be fixed, and so it had to be driven out to this horribly industrial area (Campbellfield), which is, as you can see, rather desolate.

Obviously, I hopped back into bed as soon as I got home. The day was spent rather productively studying for my Politics exam (as productive as learning about structuralist Marxism can be) and rehearsing for the musical (gah! septuple time!), apart from when we had to drive back to Truck City to get the car. I then had the privilege of spending about ten minutes failing at filling up the LPG tank at the petrol station before I finally figured out how to do it. Oh well, another life skill…


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