Day 83- November 12, 2009

Got a wonderful endorphin high from the gym today. And what made it better was that I was listening to the Very Best of Robbie Williams all the way through, and nobody was any the wiser (apart from when I start passionately miming Angels). I got that album ages ago and haven’t listened to it for years. It’s very good fun, apart from it being incredibly sad that I know all the words.

I then met up with Jackie to go over some stuff for our psychology exam (taking it as a subject, not being medically examined ourselves) while Enjoying Our Lives at Brunetti’s. I taught her the Very Important Technique of ordering the stronger flavours of icecream first so that the subtler ones are on top and eaten first (because seriously, you don’t want to eat your hazelnut icecream after eating double choc mint, do you?!), and for myself ordered a most fruity and colourful combination. THE WATERMELON ONE IS AMAZING.

We took the tram down to Degraves Street (pictured) so that I could get my free burger from Grill’d (for doing Movember) and say hi to Alice, who works there (not pictured, she ran away). At least she recommended a most excellent burger, which unfortunately dripped all over the place. Gah! Then, after musical rehearsal (in which I got to boss people around… win!), Dad and I went to a Syezd committee meeting, in which we planned how to get 50-100 Russians to the beach by tram. It’s going to be interesting…


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