Day 84- November 13, 2009

Audition today. It was a bit nerve-wracking because I haven’t performed solo or played to be judged for ages. The last exam I took was in 2006 and I haven’t done a solo performance for over a year. The fact that I had to sing made it harder (although somewhat amusing). So there I was in Malvern, wearing a (badly ironed) shirt and tie, playing and singing and harmonising Waltzing Matilda and explaining my views on musical pedagogy. Well, it was more “What do you like about Yamaha?”, but using the word pedagogy just makes me seem that much more pretentious.

I had Grill’d for lunch again on account of getting free burgers for doing Movember. However, this meant waiting till 2pm (because you can only get them at certain times). At a few minutes to the hour, I noticed several moustached men milling around the place and as soon as the clock on the shop’s cash register ticked over, one of their staff started ringing a bell loudly and we all sprung into line. IF ONLY I’D TAKEN MY CAMERA!

But no, of course I didn’t. I left it in the car (along with my tie, which I had removed to avoid getting pesto on it). So no photos of moustached men hungering for large burgers. Instead today’s photo is just one I took on the back veranda. It has bokeh, so it’s alright, because it’s very very good (random Black Books reference). But yes, Mum had also failed to take a photo today (common mistake #4: leaving one’s memory card in the computer) so I went outside to brave the mosquito plague (PHARAOH!) and take some shots of the afternoon sun. It is for this reason that my picture looks kinda similar to hers, although of course I took the one with the most bokeh. Bokeh bokeh bokeh nom nom nom….  I really should stop writing my posts after midnight; they tend to make very little sense…


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