Day 85- November 14, 2009

Well, most of the day was spent revising for my Politics exam on Wednesday, so I didn’t get the opportunity to take any photos. So today’s, um, image is a draft of the design for the 2009 Syezd tshirts. Every year, we had merchandise of some variety for sale, be it ill-fitting tshirts, ugly mugs or Frisbees. The Frisbees were awesome. Can’t believe I didn’t buy one… Anyway, I’ve volunteered to organise the tshirts, and so looking for something that said “Melbourne”, we came up with the idea of the metropolitan Melbourne railway map (which is far more amenable to being put on a tshirt than the Sydney one, which is just… let’s just say they didn’t plan their city very well). Having fiddled around in Illustrator for a while, I figured out how to select things without moving everything around (woo) and reduced the official map to a minimalist black-and-white design. I also found a font that used Russian letters in the place of similar looking English letters. Heh.

Apart from that, today was rather uneventful. The family left in the morning to Barwon Heads for my grandmother’s birthday, leaving me with the quiet I need to do exam revision and eat chocolate. My brain is still kinda mush from countless (well, about six) hours of reading political philosophy, having covered post-colonialism (Franz Fanon), revolution (Vladimir Lenin), fascism (Benito Mussolini), socialism (Oscar Wilde) and feminism (Juliet Mitchell). Oscar Wilde was (as always) a good read, as he tended to spent half the essay (on socialism) complaining how The People had no taste when it comes to Art. Heh. What a fop.

And then I made fried rice for dinner. Yum. I think I’m going to start cooking more after the exams. And barbeque. Ahhh… looking forward to summer!


2 responses to “Day 85- November 14, 2009

  1. LOVE the design of Melbourne Syezd logo. Looks sharp. I’m over the double-headed eagle (refer to Sydney syezd tee 2007). Yer, we all love Russia but we aren’t far-right nationalists. Wearing that crap down Carlisle street makes me fear being beaten.
    well done, Sash.

  2. Ahh thanks… yeah, the eagle was getting a bit tired. It’s actually been revised a bit, I’ll upload the new one soon, changed the words around.

    But really, most of them are far-right nationalists. I remember a Syezd when I was almost beaten to death for questioning the wisdom of Almighty Putin.

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