Day 86- November 15, 2009

Home alone. Well, apart from the dog. But she’s asleep now. Poor thing tired herself out by jumping up and down on my parents’ bed on account of them being away and unable to do anything about it. Messrs Emerson, Lake and Palmer also dropped in for a bit, but it’s quiet now.

Long rehearsal today. The choreography is coming along well, even if “Everything’s Alright” features some strange movement bordering on domestic violence. Spent most of the day playing the same things over and over again for the “chorus” (or whatever you call the people that aren’t main dancers), but also got to see what Alice is doing with the smaller group of more experienced dancers (which featured one guy splitting his pants in the middle of the routine…). Also, I had Grill’d for lunch again (win).

Watched another Dylan Moran DVD when I got home. He is seriously hilarious. I got a two DVD set a while back and didn’t watch it till now, but it is brilliant. Had pasta for dinner, because although there were some leftovers, I felt like making something. I don’t really cook that often because it’s just so usual for Mum to make dinner, but I do enjoy making food, especially when I’m just making it up and throwing whatever into the mix. Yesterday was broccolini and hot pancetta fried rice and today was pasta with tomato, seasoned with cumin, mustard seeds and $2/bottle merlot.

Afterwards, I made the lemon cupcakes that you see in the above picture. The whole procedure ended up taking longer than I expected, because I wasted a fair amount of time “candying” the lemon slices or whatever it’s called when you cook them in hot sugar water. That whole bit was very sticky and time-consuming and probably not worth the effort as people will just take the lemon off and throw it away. Anyway, so they’re lemon cupcakes with lemon icing on top. I accidentally put too much water in when making the icing and had to put more sugar in to compensate. So now I have about a litre of extra lemon icing. Free to a good home?


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