Day 87- November 16, 2009

Exams started. Finally! People doing their high school exams have finished already or (if they’re doing certain IB subjects) almost about to finish. A good deal of people at other universities have finished. But still I sit here, reading some crap about colonial discourse analysis over and over again because as soon as I read a sentence, my brain shuts down and I tell myself: “just another ten minute break and then I’ll get down to it and learn what Edward Said had to say about Western imperialism and its effect on cultural subconsciousness”. Likely. So far, I’ve baked over two dozen cupcakes, learned some Chopin and started on writing a soundtrack to The Book Thief. Oh well, it could be worse. I could be one of those people who finish on the 25th or something…

There’s a whole bunch of things that I want to do once exams are done and I have more time. I’d like to learn how to use Photoshop properly, do some more cooking; and I have a strange urge to play Green Day on the accordion (seriously, it’s not hard). Hopefully it works out better than last year. I promised myself I’d do all sorts of fascinating and engaging activities. I think I ended up watching TV. BUT NOT THIS YEAR! (Because I have a blog, and there’s only so many time I can take photos of my lunch).

Speaking of which, today’s photo wasn’t taken by me. But that’s ok, because I played with the colours. My family went to a holiday house (you can call it a dacha if you feel like being a Russian aristocrat) in Barwon Heads to celebrate my grandmother’s birthday, but I had to stay behind because of exam study and rehearsals (gosh darnit!). The beach is about 20 meters from the house, as seen in the photo, which was taken from the front veranda. The empty chair is mine. Or maybe it wasn’t. Maybe somebody was sitting there and then got up. I’m sure the empty chair in the photo was quite unintentional. But for me it’s quite poetic, because I spent the weekend at home reading about the development of a European identity among Maronite Christians in Lebanon rather than living it up at the beach *wipes tear away*.

So, exam. Unfortunately, I was suffering for a quite horrid stomach ache in the morning due to having licked several bowls last night in the process of making cupcakes. Anyway, I managed to stumble to the three hour exam, where I stayed for one. Better than last time, where I left after 45 minutes. I really don’t know why they give us so much time… Anyway, it’s ok now, because I’m listening to Led Zeppelin.


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