Day 88- November 17, 2009

The curly tail in the above picture belongs to a rather presumptuous baby possum that appears to have taken up residence on our back veranda. Cute, but it will rip your face off if you get close enough. Or at least poop on your car. They always seem to go for Dad’s…

Anyway, it was time for the half-yearly dentist check-up (I think it’s been about a year…) so I got to enjoy having several things jammed in my mouth that weren’t really designed for comfort. Any trip to the dentist just makes me think of the Simpsons, especially when I’m being interrogated on my flossing regime (“Why must you turn my surgery into a house of lies?!”). Anyway, I was reading in my revision for Self and Other that (according to psychoanalysts) dentists have a subconscious desire to hurt people’s mouths. Sounds about right…

Spent most of the day reading crap like that for tomorrow’s exam. Some of it makes sense (for example, symbolic interactionism, though it sounds like utter bullshit, actually makes a lot of sense) but most of it doesn’t (anything vaguely related to Freud…). So I wasted a lot of time taking pointless shots of my room and Maxim and all the random crap that Mum got on holiday and just HAD to bring in and show me.

Dinner was at Denn (of course!). I didn’t bring my camera (whaaaaaaaaaa?) but then we came home and ate cake. It was good. And Lena helped me with the tshirt design. We’ve made it a bit more interesting now.


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