Day 89- November 18, 2009

Another exam down. Thank goodness. I thought I would go insane. In case you haven’t heard, I am seriously derecommending (or unrecommending, or whatever madeup word is most appropriate here) Self and Other to everybody. But I have survived and that is the main thing. Whether or not I got a good mark is another issue altogether, but I was feeling pretty good about that exam.

Basically, it was hot. Well, it’s still fairly hot. But I had to walk a good half dozen blocks! Without a drink! (Because I left both my water bottle and my wallet in the car… dang!) And then there was some massive area near the Exhibition Building closed “for archeological excavation”… and I didn’t have my camera! (There are many exclamation marks in this paragraph). Which is why today’s photo is one of Lena modelling her new dress.

So after spending the first half of the day reading about Self and Other and then two hours writing about it, finishing was a wonderful relief. All the colours seemed brighter! (Ok, that might have been the product of sitting in the exam hall for two hours and then going outside with dilated pupils, but it was still nice). Then rehearsal, then home. And I’m full of roast. Woo.


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