Day 90- November 19, 2009

There’s only a few days left in the Grill’d Movember promotion, so I’m making every effort to collect as many free burgers as possible. Mmm burgers… I had a rehearsal at Ivanhoe today, so I used that as an excuse to take a “small detour” to Fitzroy and pick up some lunch first.

Since there’s about a ten minute wait at Grill’d (mmm freshness), I took the time to walk around the block and photograph some things I had found interested last time I was there (obviously sans camera). There’s some graffiti in a laneway just off Brunswick Street, and today’s photo is a colourful design on the window of the Tea Too shop (which sells hundreds of varieties of exotic and marvellous teas, and is wallpapered with Chinese newspaper).

After the rehearsal, I went to a Syezd meeting, as it’s only five weeks away and we really have to get down to it. The timetable has now been planned out and we’re going to order the tshirts soon (I changed the design slightly). Also, I found out that I have to be at the church at 7am this Sunday to help out with kitchen duty before going off to my seven hour rehearsal. Argh. Will be tired. On the upside, I got a sundae after the meeting while waiting for Dad to come out of his.

I’ve finished studying for tomorrow’s exam (eugh eco-politics), which happens to be my last one. So come tomorrow afternoon, I will be finished for the year (epic woo)! I’ve also been working on recording some music. The State Library of Victoria is running a Creative Reading Prize for its “Inkies” awards (young adult fiction), so I’m working on a soundtrack to The Book Thief. I’ve come up with the concept and planned out material for fifteen tracks, but have only recorded two and entries close tomorrow. I’m thinking of knocking off a few more tomorrow morning and just submitting what I’ve got,  but the site I normally upload music to ( doesn’t seem to be working. Hmmm…


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