Day 91- November 20, 2009

Yay! Exams are over! Today’s photo is from when I was going into the exam hall (it had started to rain, and people were moving in at about three metres a minute… eww). I heard a strange noise and assumed that somebody was being silly and making animal noises (in fact, it evoked memories of my high school library), but then saw one of the examiners carrying out a duck that had wandered in from the pond in the gardens outside. Luckily, I had my camera with me and whipped it out (ah ha lenscap, you did not foil me this time!) to take this rather amusing shot. The exam itself wasn’t bad, although the fact that it was 8 mini-essays of 250 words each rather than 2 essays of 1000 words each was a bit annoying. Nevertheless, I got to use the words “necessarily” and “inherent” quite a bit and went into a kind of exam autopilot at some point (concentrating so much that you don’t notice time going), so finding myself finishing the last question was quite a pleasant surprise.

James and I had a bit of time to kill before going to Chui’s birthday dinner, so we went and ate waffles in Degraves Street. We also took a detour to the Nicholas Building and I took a few photos looking down from the building and out onto the city. Still having some time, we decided to check out ACMI (Australian Centre for the Moving Image), going to the gift shop, leaving when we realised we were about ten million dollars short of the price of everything we wanted to buy, and finding this strange video lounge-kind of place where you can sit in front of large screens and watch videos from their collection. We watched some Thatcher-era documentary about Northern Ireland. Inspiring.

Took a few more photos while waiting for the rest at Flinders Street Station. Where we were standing, there were a few “myki mates”, which is to say, people employed for the sole purpose of standing at train stations and answering questions about a largely confusing, totally overdue and overbudget, and quite possibly unnecessary transit ticketing system upgrade. One of the girls had some slightly crazy-looking woman come up to her and talk right into her face (about God knows what) for at least ten minutes. She looked pretty relieved when that woman left.

After we met up with the others, we walked down Southbank to this Asian restaurant called Yar Restaurant. I’m still full, because we got the $45 all-you-can-eat special (as in, keep ordering as much as you like, not just take as much as you like from this disgusting and possibly unhygenic smorgasboard), and I was determined to get my money’s worth. We ate heaps of food including dumplings, (what I believe to be) sushi, sashimi and of courseĀ cake. We also had sake, which was pretty nice. Then as we walked back, I of course took several more pictures. Heh.

On the train back home, a family of four got on, and some time later I noticed an unpleasant smell. Looking down the carriage, I saw that the mother had thrown up (lovely). It wouldn’t have been funny if it wasn’t her one of her young children repeatedly inquiring: “Mummy, what are the yellow bits?” with a confidence that only small children can muster. Lol but eww.


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