Day 92- November 21, 2009

I was making a strawberry milkshake today to use up whichever strawberries could be salvaged. Today’s photo is of the barmix used to blend up the strawberries sitting on the sink. The bloody redness of the strawberry pulp and the barmix blades seem a bit gory and remind me of the Dexter opening credits. I swear I didn’t kill anybody (but I did have a killer milkshake… heh).

Also made a cake to sell at tomorrow’s church lunch as a fundraiser for the upcoming Syezd. Photos later, totally can’t be bothered right now. I had to use up the shitloads of lemon icing left over from last weekend’s cupcake escapades (SO MUCH ICING), so I’ve made an orange cake and will ice it tomorrow. Should be yum, it certainly smells good, although (woe is me) I had no poppyseeds. The annoying thing is I have to get up at 6 tomorrow in order to get to church and help make the piroshkii and then go off to an all-day rehearsal. Garrrgh. (And I haven’t even made my bed yet!).

Aside from my cake duties, I was busy today finalising the tshirt design for the official Syezd tshirts (woo us) and sent them off to the company that’s going to print them for us. The registrations are open and it’s on in five weeks. Woo! Hope it’s a good one…


One response to “Day 92- November 21, 2009

  1. The picture makes me think of Sweeney Todd. Hehe.

    Must watch that again…

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