Day 93- November 22, 2009

Apparently it’s over 40 and bushfirey (it’s a new weather word) in New South Wales. Meanwhile, it’s under 20 and flash flooding all over the place here. I wish they’d just call it even and let us all have nice weather, with nobody burning to death or drowning or being splashed by massive puddles (all massively terrible tragedies). In any case, today’s photo of droplet-clad succulents is meant to represent the massive body of water that was today.

I got to church at 7am today to help set up the fundraiser lunch, since I would be leaving for rehearsal later. I have to add the disclaimer that 7am is a completely non-hardcore time to be at church, and that there exist wonderful people that were there from 4.30 to mix dough (in case Sasha H is reading this). We were making piroshkii, which are Russian pie-type things that consist of either fried or baked dough with a filling of meat, potato, cabbage, etc… It was a total party, consisting of skimming off a proportion of what we made for our own personal use (a very Russian practice) and listening to Creedence (a less Russian practice). I also brought a cake, which was an orange cake, but mainly an excuse to use up the several metric tonnes of lemon icing I had from last week.

Most of today was rehearsal, which was kind of boring on account of most of it being preliminary dance choreography which didn’t require piano (dang). At least I got time to go to Fitzroy in my lunch break and pick up another free Grill’d burger on the last day of their Movember promotion. Argh. I love walking through Fitzroy (both the main streets and the side streets where the houses are), but I develop an intense envy for the people who live there whenever I do, or at least an obsessive desire to take millions of photographs of everything (which would inevitably lead to me being arrested/beaten up for taking photos of people’s fences).

Unfortunately, there was some sort of street festival (of the Latin variety, I later learned) on today, so all the spots were taken and I ended up having to park a half dozen blocks away. Gah. At least the exercise offsets the burger (it’s 95% fat free!). I say unfortunately because had I known that I wasn’t needed for a while longer, I would have stayed and photographed things (possibly of the Latin variety) and gotten my face painted (Aladdin Sane, please!). Oh well, the main thing is that I managed to get home safely from the rehearsal, given the 300 miles per hour torrential outpour at the time (which, in accordance with Murphy’s Law, stopped as soon as I got home, as illustrated by Simpsons episode Bart The Murderer).

The rest of today’s photos were taken in the backyard while I was barbequeing. According to spellcheck, that is not a word. IT IS SO!


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