Day 94- November 23, 2009

Yawn. I’m tired. But I will sleep well tonight (close your eyes and relax, think of nothing tonight… argh songs in my head). In addition to breaking my Exam Period Gymgoing Drought, I tried out Yoga, seeing as the uni’s sport centre’s classes (aerobics, yoga, kickboxing, etc…) are free, included in the membership. So I went along and sat down on the yoga mat with everybody else (no yoga bags a la Bill Bailley) and felt slightly intimidated as the instructor warmed up by contorting her body into a variety of poses that I am confident require the removal of most major organs.

Anyway, it wasn’t too bad. My flexibility is rather shocking, but luckily these few months of going to the gym have given me a passable core strength. Otherwise I would have fallen over. I guess that’s what the yoga mat is for (a yoga bag would be totally useless at this point). In any case, apart from the pain experienced during certain parts of the session (argh hamstrings), I am not at all sore and in fact felt serene for a good part of the day (don’t need fags and booze to make me feel normal… another Black Books reference…). In fact, Mum was seemingly impressed (and amused for some reason) that I was actually sitting up straight, having been stretched out by pagan magic.

When I got home (and I was quite hungry by this point, because it was about 3.30 and I didn’t have any lunch), I found I didn’t have my keys (o woe) and assumed that I’d left them inside. This meant sitting outside (well, I somehow fell asleep on the concrete front veranda) for over an hour to wait for Maxim to come home from school and let me in. When I finally got in, my keys were nowhere to be seen (oh noes!) and I thought that surely I must have lost them somewhere. Eventually I found that they had fallen through a hole in my bag into the lining. I had them the whole time. FML.

But also good news. Firstly, I got an email back from insideadog, the people to whom I had submitted my Book Thief soundtrack, telling me that I was a runner-up in their Creative Reading Prize competition and that I would get goodies (and, as I learned when I had a look through their website, cake). Well, now Sarah and I are going to have matching insideadog tshirts and attempt to not end up wearing the same thing (awkward). Still, cake! Also, Maxim went to his new school (VCASS) for a sort of orientation and seemed to enjoy it. Look, he’s happy in today’s photo! (Terrible attempt at making pointless photo relevant to the day… I would have taken photos during my lock-out, but the camera card was still in my computer). From extensive questioning, I have surmised that he met some “hot girls” (my terminology) today. Win.


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