Day 95- November 24, 2009

Today’s photo is not just of any old computer. It is a computer in the Economics lab, inside a soulless little booth, where I sat for over two hours today. But it’s ok, because I got paid almost $50 for that! I signed up a while ago for “economics experiments” at the university, and ended up going to one today, which involved trading in virtual containers of coloured balls and blah blah blah… (It took me ages to figure out what I was supposed to do; do you really think I’m going to try and explain it here?). Basically, you had to make various choices and then wait for an unknown person in another booth to make their decision and the whole thing would go on and on (again, it was cool because you got paid). Also, I discovered after a while that I could alt-tab out of the experiment program and eventually found the internet, so I could be on Facebook during. Sweet.

Got home and got a letter telling me that I didn’t get the Yamaha job. Damn. I drowned my sorrows in leftover roast lamb and potato. So I guess I’m looking for work again/still, made slightly more complicated by the fact that most of December and January will be spent either organising Syezd, being interstate or Christmas and other related excuses to eat. Oh well. I also got a letter from my local MP (Jenny Macklin) telling me that about a year after winning an Australian Student Prize, I would be getting some sort of awards ceremony. Didn’t quite make up for not getting the job, but there’s a good chance of sandwiches, and the opportunity to laugh at the timeliness of our elected officials. I also got the proof for the tshirts from the printers, which was cool– it’s all coming along nicely.

After spending the afternoon getting bored and taking photos of bees and other flying insects (which is what one clearly does when bored), James came over and we “chilled”. Somehow, our conversation with Mum on the evils of alcohol turned into us drinking vodka, but that’s ok because it meant she had something to put on her blog. Mmm Russian Standard (Русский стандарт), the official vodka of Syezd.


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