Day 96- November 25, 2009

What a bore. I did not photograph anything of note today. In fact, a good portion of the day was spent burning all 6000 or so photos (~25GB) on my computer onto DVDs so they wouldn’t take up so much room on my hard drive. So that’s basically the only thing I had to photograph. How boring.

I guess I could have take shots of food, but I tend to do that a lot. I made a broccoli and mushroom risotto for dinner, which we enjoyed with a glass of red (we had our own glasses, not like one of those massive¬†margaritas with several straws in it…). That was good fun… will have to expand my culinary repertoire during the holidays. In fact, I really should write a list of things I want to do in the next couple of months, starting with learning how to use Adobe Creative Suite. And I need new music. Any suggestions?

Apart from that, I’ve already starting looking at some photography sites. Some are quite specific (and time-consuming!) Photoshop tutorials such as how to get a fake rain effect (surely you can download an effect for that?), but I’ll have to find someplace that gives a comprehensive guide to its basic features. Illustrator and Indesign too, although I have figured out a (very) few things about Illustrator from working on the Syezd tshirt design (confirmed and paid for today! Woot!).

I really want to find more people to share photos and network with. I think I might return to Twittering (or Tweeting or whatever it is the Web 2.0ers call it), having read an article today on how to get more people to look at your photos. I’ve found the trick myself, having noticed that any photo I’ve taken of a girl tends to get more views. Doesn’t matter what else is happening in the photo– of all the photos taken at a fundraiser barbeque a few months back, one of Sasha counting the money got the most views. And food, food tends to get a lot of views (good thing I photograph it a lot, then!). In fact, one of my most viewed photos is a particularly unimpressive shot of chocolate cake! Now if I just combine the two concepts and take photos of girls eating cookies or something, I’d be an Internet celebrity!


4 responses to “Day 96- November 25, 2009

  1. I believe I have the same quilt cover/pillow case as you…

  2. Haha I think I remember you saying that at one point. Not exactly sure how you knew what my bedsheets looked like…

    UNLESS! It was that time I was serenading you on the bass via webcam! (not creepy)

  3. Firstly, I do not remember ever being serenaded by you on the bass via webcam, or any other medium. I demand to be serenaded.

    Secondly, I am aware of your manchester designs only due the fact that I recognise that pseudo-kanji looking pattern that those discs are sitting on in your photo…

  4. You asked for music suggestions! Mel Torme’s album “Reunion” (1988), Steely Dan, as well as the Donald Fagen album “The Nightfly” (1982).

    That is all I have to say… COME TO VULGARGRAD! I’LL BE HUNGOVER!

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