Day 97- November 26, 2009

Holy shit! Awoken by what sounded very much like an atom bomb this morning (but in fact was just a rather spectacular peal of thunder). It was somewhat scary, especially if it’s causing you to jolt out of sleep in that disoriented manner that causes people to say “whaaaaaa?” and look very puzzled. The storm must have been right over the house. I hear the dog went absolutely ballistic. But that’s ok, because I went back to sleep.

Given the weather and its likely effects on public transport (or Connex cancelling services with impunity now that it’s on its way out…), I decided to go into the city a bit earlier than I had previously planned. I was going to the State Library for the annual Inkys (youth literature) awards, so I ended up having breakfast (le croissant!) at Mr Tulk, the adjoining cafe. The croissant was nice, but the coffee wasn’t great. Grrr! But that was ok, since I got a muffin at the Inkys. In fact, I was rather lucky to get one after the food table was pillaged by a school group that had come along.

I was there because I was a runner-up in their Creative Reading Prize for my (still unfinished… how Schubert!) soundtrack to The Book Thief, but it was also interesting to see which books had been nominated for or won awards (not that I had read any of them). They gave me one of the shortlisted books (Broken Glass by Adrian Stirling) and an Insideadog tshirt to match Sarah’s (potential for awkwardness or awesomeness, depending on how you see things). The awards were judged by a panel that included teenage readers and the author of last year’s Gold Inky winner, James Roy (who for some reason, brought a slightly creepy doll with him). The Silver (international) Inky winner for this year was Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins (which, frankly, sounded a bit Matthew Reilly-ish to me), and the Gold (Australian) Inky winner was Randa Abdel-Fattah’s Where The Streets Had A Name.

I also got a tour of the library, which included some exhibitions I had never seen or heard of before. We saw Ned Kelly’s armour, a collection of Australian pulp fiction and heard a rather strange story involving Matthew Flinders (of Flinders Street fame) and his cat. There were also some quite strange things on display, such as a rare book of life-size drawings of birds, a 4000 year old tax receipt and a “midget library” (pictured).

Luckily, the weather/transport delays had temporarily eased by then, so I went to Andrew’s, where he was playing some ridiculous game called Assassin’s Creed. I once had it explained to me, and I really don’t want to know. It’s absolutely ridiculous, but running up the sides of buildings while people are chasing you is always good fun. The weather then got worse again, of course while we were out. Luckily, we only had to run 200m in the rain, but it really was torrential downpour and got quite wet (my fish and chips was kept dry, however).

Then, after musical rehearsal, there was a Syezd meeting. It’s all really coming together now (we’re all a bit freaked out) and there’s only a bit over four weeks left. Having finished with the tshirts (and more importantly, being free from exams!), I’ve volunteered to organise the programs for the conference, as well as nametags, and packs of notepads and pens. Hopefully it will all turn out well, both in terms of raising enough money in the lead-up to it (to avoid being in debt!) and in it running well and being enjoyable.


2 responses to “Day 97- November 26, 2009

  1. LOL. The doll (Madeleine) was up there with me because my daughter April had brought her on our Melbourne trip, and was taking photos of her at various places and events. Madeleine was April’s doll when she was a baby. April is almost 17. And Madeleine is not creepy – she’s just misunderstood.

  2. Ahh I should probably get a doll like that to justify my habit of taking several thousand photographs per day. I had a friend who had a teddy bear that did the same and in fact had international adventures (a wealthy friend) and even a Facebook account. Perhaps Madeleine should get one?

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