Day 98- November 27, 2009

One week into my holidays and I still haven’t written up a list of things to do. One of them will certainly be to learn how to use the several gigabytes worth of Adobe software that I downloaded a few weeks ago. I’ve got the hang of Lightroom, which is actually really easy to use and great for organising and editing photos. I’ve also used Photoshop a bit and Illustrator to make a design for some tshirts, and today I was using Indesign in making nametags for Syezd. Today’s picture (not a photo…) is what I’ve done so far as a nametag design for the committee members (everybody else gets a plain black one that says “delegate”). I’ve kind of picked up the extremely basic functions of these programs, but I’d love to learn more, especially since I know what about 1% of the buttons/functions do, let alone actually being able to use them. I’ll have to find something in a library or an e-book to teach me, perhaps…

I also went to Officeworks to buy the stationery for Syezd, which involves making sure that all of the 100 or so people attending (“delegates” sounds a bit wanky…) have an exercise book, pen, folder and nametag. Unfortunately, Officeworks only do free delivery for addresses in the Melbourne CBD, so unless I wanted to pay $40, I’d have to take it all myself. Super unfortunately, I was going by public transport. Now this didn’t seem like too big a deal. I mean, how much can stationery weigh? However, getting home was a nightmare because the bags were quite big and kept whacking into my legs and although they weren’t that heavy, I had to hold them at an angle (since they were bulky), compounded by the fact that my arms were tired from going to the gym. Gah! And to top it all off, my bag kept slipping off my shoulder. Not a fun trip. But sorry for the whinge. Please don’t make fun of me…

Some time ago, I won this “Australian Student Prize” for my high school results and recently I got a letter from my local member, telling me there would be a certificate-giving ceremony. So I was quite amused when I got home and Maxim passed on a message that “someone called Jenny Macklin” rang and that the ceremony would be postponed given something involving her going to Canberra (voting on the ETS, I presume). Can’t really explain what was so funny (it’s never as funny to anybody else), but I was just amused by the thought of Maxim casually on the phone to the Minister For About Ten Things. Oh well, at least I’m free to go to yoga on Monday. Win!


One response to “Day 98- November 27, 2009

  1. “The Minister For About Ten Things” caused me to chuckle considerably. You have brightened my late-ish night.

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