Day 99- November 28, 2009

I was cleaning my room up today, which was supposed to be a half-hour operation, but instead found myself redecorating it. Which of course took much longer. I hadn’t dusted for a while, so everything was coated in a thick layer of dust (a la that Black Books episode… “filthy”) and it was getting rather difficult to breathe. However, as I was looking through the piles of random crap on my desk and deciding what to throw away, I found some postcards and pictures and things that I had meant to put up on my walls, but hadn’t yet. So I spent the next hour or so dividing and subdividing clumps of Blu-tac and figuring out what to put where.

I put up some photos I’ve taken and have had printed, a few small film posters that you can get around Carlton, some postcards and pages that I’ve taken out of the Museum for Contemporary Art and Melbourne Underground Film Festival programmes. This is in addition to the Russian public health advertisement (mostly anti-alcoholism) postcards, postcards from the National Gallery of Victoria’s Guggenheim exhibition last year, my Aladdin Sane, Beatles and Pulp Fiction posters; and a painting by Lena. And that’s just one wall. I’ve also got some prints of vintage Italian films, some gig posters, Astor movie calendar posters, original 1960s film posters and pictures taken from a calendar of old film posters from a few years back. I think I’ve got around fifty things on my walls. My ultimate goal is to cover up every square inch (or square centimetre, depending on how you measure area).

Then, after baking a cake (pink grapefruit) and tutoring, I went over to Andrew’s where we (I’m ashamed to admit it) played computer games. In fact, I should probably get him to delete that footage he has of me giggling while running through the streets of Damascus and throwing people off buildings. It could be worse. I could have been playing WoW. Afterwards, I came home to my parents watching Superbad and enjoying it. Weird.


2 responses to “Day 99- November 28, 2009

  1. Superbad is a surprisingly enjoyable film. Is it bad one can actually relate in a strange way to the characters?

  2. Ashamed? To play games? Wow, you’re dead to me. 😛

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