Day 100- November 29, 2009

Oh, the pressure, the pressure! Up to Day 100, and so I feel this should be an extra special post. In fact, I’m slightly disappointed that I didn’t get a letter from the Queen (I got one from my local parliamentary member the other day, but I doubt the blog had anything to do with it). And it didn’t help that Josiah excitedly informed everybody on his Facebook in capital letters about my special day, but a big thank you to him for continually promoting this blog. (Rambling sentences are permitted after midnight). Oh well, I got upstaged by Mum, who is up to Day 333 today, which is a rather half-demonic number.

Most of today was rather unremarkable. I slept (woo), I vacuumed the house (less woo-ish) and did other boring things. And I wouldn’t have had anything to photograph if I hadn’t noticed a particularly silly magpie in the front yard contorting his neck (is it called a neck on birds? biology fail…) and making ridiculous noises. By the time I pulled out the camera, he had stopped, but then hopped onto a long piece of bark and stood (do birds stand?) in a position with his wings out that made it look like he was surfing. I know people on the internet love pictures of silly animals, so here’s my contribution. In fact, my bedroom window has really quite a good view for seeing silly birds and the rain and other things that one may wish to see out of one’s window. Maxim has a fence. Ha. Suck.

Scott came over in the evening and we discussed various things, ate various things and watched Kill Bill. It was a good combination. I haven’t seen that film for a while and found I appreciated it even more this viewing (perhaps because I’d seen more Tarantino films in the meantime?). I found the fight choreography to be more interesting than that in most films. For example, there was a certain style of fight choreography in 300 and Watchmen (both Zack Snyder films) that I found quite boring. And the soundtrack is good. Ahh Tarantino soundtracks… And now I want to see Inglourious Basterds again. Or at least listen to Cat People.

Well, this was my 100th post. I hope it wasn’t a disappointment (to anybody that might be reading this… I doubt it will be a disappointment to Josiah, because he’s usually fairly optimistic). Hooray for the first 100 days! And hooray for the next 100! (Or perhaps the next 265). And boo and hiss to the people who said I wouldn’t keep this up. And to those who made fun of me for keeping it up. And I’d like to thank the academy. Boy, I certainly don’t make much sense at 1am…


3 responses to “Day 100- November 29, 2009

  1. congrats on getting to 100. I think birds do have necks as ‘chicken necks’ rings a bell. Could it be a Maggie Beer dish that made me recoil or have I been reading too much Dickens?

  2. Congratulations! I heart this blog!
    Now I feel would be a good time to play Sharon Jones’s song “100 Days, 100 Nights”!

  3. Thanks guys! Keep reading! (Said in an overly optimistic American accent)

    Varia, birds must have necks. It just seemed strange to me at 1am last night. Perhaps I should write my posts earlier. I’m just never sure with animal body parts, what with paws and hooves and things like that, not to mention questionable genitalia.

    Josiah, I don’t know that song. Why must you always talk about music I don’t know? On a similar note, let’s add “Rock N Roll Music” by the Beatles to our jam setlist.

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