Day 101- November 30, 2009

What an exciting start to the day. Connex, the company that ran Melbourne’s trains for several years has been replaced by another company called Metro Trains. There’s been some hoohah over the whole matter, not just from the company’s advertising, but people “celebrating” Connex’s departure. I wonder how they’ll feel when they realise that the new company is still using the same trains and infrastructure. Yes, you might say, but things look different! True that. The staff now have silly ties that look like Federation Square. The worst part of it is that the “Now arriving at…” voiceover on the trains has been replaced with “Metro arriving at…”. That is very irritating. It reminds me of Jimmy from this episode of Seinfeld, who always referred to himself in the third person. THE TRAINS ARE REFERRING TO THEMSELVES IN THE THIRD PERSON!

Apart from that, today was pleasant. I mean, apart from the fact that I was reading Twilight. I’m about halfway through it, and it’s still terrible (to allay James’ fear that if I read it, I might actually like it). If it wasn’t for the fact that I did yoga today and was very calm, I might have burst into a fit of rage on the train at the combination of annoying train voice-over and the inability of Stephanie Meyer to write above a middle school English class level. Apologies to middle school English students. I’m sure some of you write very well. But seriously (if there is a serious side to Twilight), the character development is abysmal, the style is clumsy and it reeks of unnecessary adjectives

But yes. Yoga. And I went to the gym beforehand, which I think is quite a good combination, leaving one (me, in this case) feeling all exercised and stretched and serene (think Manny in the first episode of Black Books). In between the two activities, I decided to take today’s photo, which is the university’s athletics track. Boring, I know. Sorry. There were some noisy birds running around, but we’ve had our share of ornithological photos lately. I was also thinking of taking an action shot of somebody running on the track but 1) I didn’t have my telephoto lens and 2) he was topless and about 60. Nobody needs to see that. I don’t care how good shape you’re in (see, reading Twilight inhibits one’s ability to write well!).


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