Day 102- December 1, 2009

Hooray! Today is the first of December! The reasons for my jubilation are twofold. Firstly, it is no longer November, which means it is no longer Movember, which means that today I shaved off that horrible creature masquerading as a moustache that had been living on my upper lip for several weeks. It was pretty good fun, but it was itchy and smelled when I got sweaty (like having an armpit on your face!). Also I looked like a child molester. Definitely not a good look when you work at a high school. Not to mention it never got to the “badass” point. How very disappointing. On the upside, thanks to everybody’s donations, I managed to raise just under $450! Quite pleased with that… thanks! (Another positive to this being over that I just realised was that now I can stop asking quite grovelling canvassing letters via Facebook pleading for donations).

“The Shaving” was turned into a rather momentous ceremony, which consisted of me shaving, Mum taking photos and Dad laughing at the whole thing. I gave the moustache one final twiddle before getting my shaver, covering my lip in shaving foam and laying waste to the foul fiend that had besieged my face with its ugliness and ridiculousness. Look, it’s coming off! After finishing up and applying some soothing natural (or something like that) aftershave, I was officially done with Movember and the facial hair experiment. It does feel kinda funny that it’s gone, though…

I also spent the afternoon being in charge of music for the production, Wendy being sick at home with a nasty case of tonsillitis. Ew. But hooray for me bossing people around. I think I could get used to this. Heh. Then Syezd committee meeting, where I proudly showed off my stationery purchases (150 pens, guys!!) and we spent a fair while arguing when we should draw the raffle that was meant to be drawn in early October. Heh committees.

Finally, my second reason for being happy that it’s December (this post has come round full circle… how innovative!) is that the time has come for the annual tradition of advent calendars. Ones with chocolate inside, to be precise. Om nom nom…



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