Day 103- December 2, 2009

I heard this strange music when I was on the tram today. Looking out the window, I saw a procession of colourfully dressed Hare Krishnas walking down Swanston Street. Although I hopped off the tram specially to take  photos, it soon became apparent that I couldn’t get a clear shot of them in the busy street. Oh, my kingdom for my telephoto lens! I learned two things from this experience. Firstly, that Hare Krishnas really don’t mind being photographed (as opposed, to, say, Scientologists) and are quite happy to sing and dance for people taking photos in the street. And secondly, that their song will get stuck in your head and annoy you for hours to come. Luckily, I was going to the gym and an hour of concentrating on that while listening to my ipod got the song out of my head (now I have some melody from a Belle and Sebastian song stuck in my head instead). In fact, now I can’t even remember how the Hare Krishna song goes. Hooray!

I went shopping (well, mostly window shopping) afterwards, looking for Christmas and other presents for other people and ideas of what to ask for Christmas for myself. Spent quite a while in Borders, almost drooling over expensive books. I had planned on looking at some typography books for Sarah and perhaps some Photoshop/Indesign/Illustrator guides or “for dummies” books for myself, but found them to be prohibitively priced. I didn’t even dare go into the coffee table book section. They looked like they were worth more than our house (and our land value is going up, so that’s a fair claim!). But I did enjoy looking through some quite amazing photography books and ended up getting a birthday present for John, so it wasn’t a complete waste (not that visiting a bookshop ever is!).

Before popping into JB and finding some ipod accessories for myself, I found that the shop next door had closed down and was replaced by a cheap book store. More drooling occurred. Mainly over large glossy books for sale at actually affordable prices! Hooray! Today’s photo is from the upstairs of the shop, which has a cool, kind of grungy look to it, even if I couldn’t be bothered looking through the books because they were in alphabetic order and not by section. My trip to Myer to check out what shirts they had was rather unsuccessful (checks are in this season… eugh), but I saw some interesting things in their basement level, including Christmas decorations, bizarre mannequins and a combination of a camper van and some old chairs that were somehow supposed to get people to buy tshirts. How strange.

On my way to Officeworks to purchase more Syezd stationery (luckily it was just some markers today), I cut through the General Post Office which had some pretty cool Christmas decorations up. It’s not often that you find modern Christmas decorations that are in good taste and at the same time not completely cold. The colours were great although it took several shots at photographing them to get an angle which looked good. I also cut through Flinders Lane and Degraves Street to get to Dangerfield to look at some clothes, but got sidetracked into yet another bookshop and a decently priced vintage clothing store. THEY HAD THE PUFFY SHIRT! I regret not taking a photo…

After all that, I bought one present, got some ideas for several more (including for myself… woo!) and ended up with quite a few photos. Not too bad a day, even if I had wait for a while on a completely packed platform for a late train. Good work, Metro!


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