Day 104- December 3, 2009

Hooray! Another photographic adventure! And by that, I mean taking photos on my way from the uni to Southbank. I went into the uni today to try out Pilates, having started with Yoga last week. Heh… I just realised how much the word “Yoga” looks like “Yoda”. And how amusing it would be if the class was actually taken by Yoda (“Assume the Shavasana pose, you will”). And now of course, I will write every instance of the word Yoga as Yoda without noticing. Dammit.

But anyway, I liked Pilates. It was a good stretch and definitely something I want to keep going with, even if some of the balancing poses were a bit difficult. As in trying to balance on your knees on an exercise ball and then extending your arms upwards. Definitely something to practise. On a carpeted surface. And with no breakables nearby. All I need to complete the look now is to learn some Buddhist parables to quote at opportune times, or perhaps just advice from The Little Book of Calm (“Be the king of of your own peaceful kingdom…”). Go watch Black Books if you didn’t pick up the reference.

So after that finished, I set off on my merry way, passing Salvation Army carolers and taking another photo of the Manchester Unity building (I must have over a dozen now). Waiting at the tram stop, I was watching crowds of people crossing the road. It always intrigues me, the movement of large numbers of people, all with different things to do. I also found the tram ride itself interesting, because it went through the western side of the city (where I never go) to get to the casino. I am such a tourist (what with the camera around my neck and all…). I had some time before the movie (I wasn’t going to the casino to gamble, despite today’s photo) so I hung around the riverside, getting shots of the city, a ferry and people reading or sleeping. I also took this fluke photo of a seagull in flight, which is nicely lit and kind of looks like it belongs on some disgustingly soppy “Christian” pamphlet. You know the kind I mean. Except that “The Seagull of Life” doesn’t quite have the same ring to it.

The movie we saw was Paranormal Activity, an independent, Blair Witch Project-style horror/suspense film about a couple being haunted and documenting it on video (low budget… clever!). I liked the fact that it wasn’t overdone, with no ridiculous ghouls or unnecessary violence, but instead relying on a sense of dread and suspense. However, I felt it wasn’t really scary enough. The acting was pretty good and the recurring scene set up of the couple asleep in bed while the camera records through the night was pretty good at making you feel like something frightening was going to happen. Perhaps I just wasn’t in the mood to be scared, because I’m definitely a fan of the suspense genre, when done well (like El Orfanato which was really quite creepy). And now I want to watch some more horror films…

I took the tram up Spencer Street and took the train from Southern Cross Station, which isn’t someplace I normally catch the train from, but I like the feel of the busy station. Apparently you’re only allowed to take photos at train stations if you get a special permit, and even then you’re still not allowed at City Loop stations. I am such a badass, clearly. Finally, I found this video (which most people have probably seen, but you really should watch it if you haven’t). It’s a cover of Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody by the Muppets and it totally made my day. (Embedded disabled, you’ll have to click the link).


One response to “Day 104- December 3, 2009

  1. I had no idea you liked horror/suspense films! But, you are in luck sir as my father is a specialist when it comes to these movies (he teaches film, particularly horror and film noir, at Uni). I assume you’ve seen some Hitchcock works and Guillermo del Toro movies (Pan’s Labyrinth, The Devil’s Backbone and Blade II if you’re nerdy and enjoy Marvel movies like I do). Have you seen any Mario Bava or Dario Argento films?

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