Day 105- December 4, 2009

Mmm a somewhat relaxing day. I had meant to go to Savers to look through second-hand clothing, but Mum had the car and I couldn’t be bothered going by train. So instead I had myself a leisurely time, listening to Bowie and eating scrambled eggs on Turkish bread. That bread is amazing.

I heard a knock at the door and opened it to a turbaned chap who asked me to “sign here” and ran off to his van before I could ask for what, precisely, it was that I was signing. I thought that perhaps my Big Day Out tickets had arrived (but that’s registered post, not courier, surely?) but then he came up my driveway with two large boxes on a trolley. I was freaking out because I thought I’d bought some kitchen appliances or something without realising it, but then realised it was just the shipment of tshirts for Syezd that had arrived quite early.

I saw that the quantity listing on the side of the box was wrong, so I went through and counted to make sure I had the right number of all the different sizes (I did, the sheet was just wrong), which meant I had to fold up 75 tshirts. Today’s photo is of me wearing one of the tshirts and here’s one of Maxim wearing the same tshirt. I’m hoping to take some photos of people wearing a variety of different sizes so people can see what they look like and get an idea of the size they’ll need. (My excuse for having a photo of myself today– I swear it’s not just self-absorption!).

Short post today. And early too. I’m off to John’s 19th, so I’ll p0st the photos from that tomorrow. I wrapped his present in newspaper (the financial section) because that’s cool, and more importantly, cheap. Hooray!


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