Day 106- December 5, 2009

Put the photos from John’s party last night up. Today’s photo is of Andrew and Scott engaging in an activity that might generously be described as dancing. Although it was 90s music, so I guess this is acceptable. The party was at John’s place, which has a nice big backyard and veranda suitable for partying (I’m thinking of another Black Books reference, but I’ll spare you today). He also had a fire going, which was cool, although we did feel a bit like hobos at times. It was good catching up with people, especially Adi, who now spends most of his time in Queensland. I hardly see him anymore! *wipes away tear*

I spent most of the rest of the day doing uninteresting things, such as vacuuming and tutoring, but then made some chocolate cakes for the last Syezd fundraiser lunch tomorrow. It’s Lent now, so that means no milk, no butter, no cream, none of that or any of the others! (Black Books again…). I found a “vegan chocolate cake” recipe on the internet and it’s seemed to work. I haven’t eaten any of the cake, but I tried some of the mix and it tasted chocolatey enough (plus there’s chocolate icing). The best lenten (ie non-dairy) chocolate cake I ever ate was at the 2007 Syezd, which was amazing. Astounding. Mindblowing. I ate Sarah’s piece when she was out of the room and she still hasn’t forgiven me for it. Heh.

It’s also round that time of year where we get all Christmassy. Mum’s been Christmas shopping and has several dozen presents of all kinds for various people, as well as a set of pop-up Christmas cards, which are pretty cool. We tried putting up some Christmassy lanterns in the bathroom. It looks quite interesting. And then we ate chocolate. Except for Dad, who ate soy icecream with vegan chocolate icing. Om nom nom!


One response to “Day 106- December 5, 2009

  1. you chocolate cake ninja

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