Day 107- December 6, 2009

Did not enjoy getting up at 6am this morning. But at least it wasn’t 3am or whenever Sonia and Sasha got up to make dough. I am referring of course to the final fundraiser buffet lunch for the upcoming Syezd. As always, we were making piroshkii (and once again, Sasha made “bob”, defined as a type of soup that is “bobalicious”). I spent a few hours helping to put the piroshkii together before I had to go off for rehearsal. I also made some lenten/vegan chocolate cakes, but although people who tried them enjoyed them, they didn’t sell well. Apparently not many people buy cake. I think we need more Cake Awareness (let’s organise a fundraiser lunch for this).

After that it was a 7-hour rehearsal for me (yay), which really wasn’t that bad, and quite productive for the final rehearsal for the year. We ran through the first act a couple of times, so of course now I have all the songs stuck in my head. My parents hate me. It’s subconscious, singing them out loud, like in that episode of Seinfeld (“Master of the house…”). Except I have some of Caiaphas’ lines in my head. He’s pretty badass.

I came home for a bit, and then out again to see some bands. I’d complain of tiredness, but Josiah got two hours sleep last night from a cast afterparty and sounded pretty dead when I called him in the afternoon (he, however, seemed to have recovered by the evening). It seems like everybody is living on less sleep than me. Dammit. There go my complaining rights. Anyway, we went to The Toff In Town, a bar in Curtin House (Swanston Street) to see Vulgargrad and Zulya And The Children of The Underground. Both were “Russian” (Zulya is actually Tatar, but does sing in Russian; Vulgargrad sing in Russian and in the style but none of its members are actually Russian) and I’d seen both before. But it was really great. Although Zulya’s band was less raucous than Vulgargrad, it still had some upbeat and even some rather intense songs. Also, since everybody was sitting down, it gave me a chance to take heaps of photos (will upload all tomorrow).

However, this pretty quickly changed when Vulgargrad started to play, because although we were seated near the front of the venue, people started to dance AND GET IN MY BLEEDING WAY (speaking of bleeding, I ran over a bird today; but that’s another story). However, if you can’t beat them, join them; so we all got up and had a great time dancing, losing half our body weight in sweat. It was amazing (even if I got fewer photos of Vulgargrad, pictured above). To top it all off, the drummer was wearing a fez which he threw into the audience at the end. Somehow, I caught it (don’t ask me how– I’m attributing it to mutant superpowers from the lemon lime and bitters I had). So basically, I have a fez now. Sweeeeet.

There’s more of today’s story involving Josiah worshipping the Claypot King, the aforementioned avian murder (ornithocide?) and a horrible clock; but seriously, it’s after 2am. If you’re that interested, come talk to me. I shall tell you the tale… zzzzzz…


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