Day 108- December 7, 2009

Woo I put the photos up from yesterday! The ones from the bands are in my Music Photography set, and the others, such as Andrew wearing my newly-acquired fez and the bar at The Toff, are just in the photostream. It really was a great night, even if it took me ages to get through all the photos. I took 275 all up, deleted almost 100, and then picked 65 to fix up and upload. Luckily, with Lightroom, you can “copy and paste” photo settings so once you make alterations to a photo you can apply them to another similar photo to save time. I think I’m getting the hang of Lightroom, and really enjoy using it because it’s pretty good at fixing and enhancing all sorts of things.

I went into the uni today for Yoga, which was also quite enjoyable (everything is just really enjoyable). It makes you feel really good afterwards, having been all stretched out and also relaxed. I like the way that the focus on thinking, breathing and being aware of how you use your body helps to make you feel calm and also makes it easier to stretch and hold further and better. I think I’ll definitely keep going with it, especially since it’s covered in the price of my sports membership.

Afterwards (having been ditched by Alex, who had a job interview to go to), I meant to get a Christmas present for Sarah that I had seen in the shops last week and go straight home. However, when I went to where I saw it (speaking in generalities here because she reads my blog), it wasn’t there! Nor was it in the next place I looked (where it had also been previously)! So I went down to Brunswick Street, and checked out this clearance house, which although it didn’t have precisely what I was looking for, had a bunch of other cool stuff. I ended up buying myself a stripy tie, a beanie and an Eraserhead badge– all for just $6! Then, after checking a final shop, I found it was sold out and got something similar (generalities, generalities). All will be revealed on Christmas Eve, by which you won’t care– unless you’re Sarah (hopefully).

I was feeling pretty hungry by that point (not having had lunch on the assumption that I would have been home by then) and decided to go home. Here I was clever! Ah ha! Why go back into the city and take the train home when I could catch the tram to a closer train station? What a clever public transport user I am! All I have to do is catch the tram down Smith Street and… shit, I’m on Brunswick Street. What a pickle. Oh well, it gave me the chance to walk and take photographs, such as this random veranda, the car that is Today’s Photo and eventually to Westgarth Station.

Luckily, I did get home eventually and ate. But now I’m hungry again. Oh well, such is life…


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