Day 109- December 8, 2009

Another one of those stay-at-home days. Lucky, because the weather wasn’t great. In fact, the weather isn’t great all this week. And they call it summer. Melbourne weather, you treacherous bastard. I hope the weather is ok for Friday, for when I’m going to take some family shots of my goddaughter Sophie and her family at the Botanical Gardens or the Zoo (or some other kind of place that is good for taking photos, but not great for bad weather)..

After sleeping in, I spent a lot of today making a start on the Syezd booklet and doing a lot of photo-related stuff. I’ve been checking out various online tutorials- mainly Lightroom, but I’ll get to learning about Photoshop/Indesign/Illustrator later. I’ve raved enough about Lightroom, so I’ll spare you that today, but I did enjoy watching some video tutorials that showed the processes from start to finish. Gah. Need more tutorials. I feel like a tutorial zombie. Braaaaaaaains.

I also made dinner, which was Moroccan minced beef. I love being able to quickly find recipes online for when I want to make something. I also like looking through recipe books and magazines, since we have so many of them (and they have awesome photos!), so I’ll have to set aside a day to look through all of them and take notes on what looks good. Unfortunately, my photos don’t look quite as good as the ones in the magazines, since it was gloomy today and my photos came out quite noisy, but I did get some of the minced beef and the beans in mustard and garlic to go with it. And an onion, which made me think of Arrested Development (“Is that your onion?”- Lucille). I guess it works with Black Books too (“Mine, I think!”- Bernard), in line with this blog’s habit of continually returning to Black Books. Today’s photo is of the spice mix for the recipe, which consisted of ten different spices. I love how they look.


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