Day 110- December 9, 2009

Aw. No blood donations today. Apparently they were all booked up (do people go in and give blood together with their Christmas shopping?) so we’re re-scheduled for next week. Damn. I was looking forward to my milkshake. Oh well, I still went to the gym, and they seemed to be playing a disproportionate number of “inspirational” songs. Running on the treadmill to Eye of the Tiger and I Will Survive made me feel like I was in some training montage from a movie. Very amusing. As opposed to then putting my ipod on and running to Nick Cave or Pink Floyd. Which is also cool.

I got home, and being dissatisfied with an existence of eating Moroccan beef and watching Futurama, I got Adi to come over as he’s on a three-month holiday at home from studying in Queensland. Fetching him required negotiating the maze of houses known as Mill Park, but I managed to not get lost and even not run over some ducks crossing the road (too much bird blood on the tires is bad for traction, also they’re nicer birds than stupid diseased pigeons). Of course, it was a great excuse for a Simpsons reference (“You ducks are trying my patience… but you’re so cute!”).

Well, we watched some Futurama. Same as before, but now with someone over! I think Seinfeld tackled this concept at some point. But it wasn’t all televised anti-sociality. We chilled. I played some music (I like annoying Mum with Portuguese covers of Bowie, which she dismisses as “bastardisation”). We made pizzas (Adi making pizza pictured above). Poor Adi. After however long of living in student accommodation and having to cook his food every night, I invite him over and get him to make his own food. I think he’ll live though.


One response to “Day 110- December 9, 2009

  1. Portugese Bowie…
    Seu Jorge? From “Life Aquatic”?
    I enjoyed that album. But not as much as the real deal.

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