Day 112- December 11, 2009

I was going to go the Botanical Gardens today to take some photos for Nick and his family, but due to potentially inclement weather, we decided to go the Melbourne Museum instead. I was taking photos of his two children, Nicholas and Sophie (my goddaughter); as well as their cousin, Elizabeth. The drive to the museum was interesting as Nick (a music lover, teacher and conductor) has already instilled a love of classical music into his small children and Nicholas (not even three) is already making song requests.

On getting to the museum (and after getting a coffee of course!), we went to the children’s area, so they could dress up as dinosaurs, be pretend archeologists (in reality, dinosaur fossils are typically not found in a complete set under two inches of sand) and do big dinosaur jigsaw puzzles (I’m sensing a dinosaur theme here). We also went through a children’s exhibition about animals (fun fact: emus are weird), an entire room of about ten thousand stuffed animals and an insect exhibition, which kind of freaked me out. In fact, when I was reading about the quarantine room (in which they house things like massive spiders seized from smugglers), all I could think of was some horror movie plot in which the quarantine seal fails (there’s always a siren and a flashing red light) and all the creepy crawlies escape. And they’re probably infected with a virus. Perhaps they’re zombies. Infected mutant zombie spiders. Eugh.

We then had lunch (don’t forget to drink plenty of fluids!) and went outside so I could take photos of the children in decent lighting (bad lighting means slower shutter speed, which is not good what with the habit of children to wriggle, run, bounce and generally not remain stationary). They played on the play equipment, chased birds, flopped about and we got them to pose with these porthole-like walls (Today’s Photo). I also liked this photo of Elizabeth being spun round by her mum, Kristen. Then we went home, because the children were tired. Pssh. Lightweights.

I spent a good deal of the afternoon sorting though the 440 photos I took, whittling it down to about 350 decent shots and picking the best 90 to touch up and give to Nick. And I got my Big Day Out tickets. Which wasn’t really an activity, but I’m happy about it anyway. So yeah, if you’re reading this, James, I’ve got the tickets. Woot! And I made dessert later in the evening, a fruity (apple, nectarine, apricot and raspberry) crumble with cinnamon icecream (step 1: add cinnamon to vanilla icecream. step 2: you’re done). No photos of that, just because I’ve recently been taking photos of nothing but food. Ahh, what a nice break. (And more child portraits tomorrow, since it’s Sophie’s first birthday! Nawww!).


2 responses to “Day 112- December 11, 2009

  1. That photo is totally precious. Love it.

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