Day 113- December 12, 2009

So… I’m off my food photography streak and apparently onto a child photography one. Having spent yesterday taking photos of my goddaughter Sophie and her family at the Melbourne Museum yesterday, I went today to her first birthday party. We had a veritable array (read this in a silly voice so I don’t sound quite so pompous using the word “veritable”) of food, starting with wine and cheese and moving onto salads, barbecue and cake.

Of course, I took heaps of photos (especially of the small children pulling funny faces) and got some more photos with Sophie. Today’s photo is of Sophie and her brother Nicholas, and him offering her a bit of cake. Sophie then unwrapped her present (or, at least, was present at the unwrapping of said presents) and greatly enjoyed the colourful animal pegs I gave her, by which I mean pulling them out of her grandfather’s hair. To finish it all off, Maxim pulled out his violin and played us some music, while Nicholas conducted him and demanded that we all play tambourines and triangles.

Then I went home and got to process several hundred photos again (woo!) and got it down to 70, which I fixed up and uploaded some of those to Flickr. I also watched Iron Chef and picked all the winners of the AFI awards (that’s Australian film, not the shitty band), but now I have a massive headache, so I’m going to bed. Blasted Maxim passed on his cold to me…


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