Day 115- December 14, 2009

Another day, another risky haircut. I went back to this hairdressers’ academy where I got my last cut (you know, for the price of ten dollars and an indemnity waiver), with which I was rather pleased. You know it’s a risky haircut when the guy can’t speak English. I’m not sure what “not too much off on the side, please” means in Hindi, but I think it translates to something like “please cut off all the hair on the sides of my head”. And then they ask you to fill out a feedback sheet. Right in front of the nervous/eager hairdressing student in front of you. No pressure.

And then it was off to meet Alex (via Borders and magazine browsing) for some stealth photography and then a movie. We went to see Where The Wild Things Are because, although I’d heard it wasn’t that great, it was kind of a big deal (to quote Ron Burgundy) and I wanted to see it for myself. To quote both Alex and myself at the end of the film, “meh”. It was nice enough, a bit slow at times, visually appealing (to me, at least; Alex, who is going to study film, reckoned that some of the camera work was shoddy and I don’t know enough myself to argue with that). I got it was on about, the whole childhood thing, but it seemed just ordinary to me. Nothing terribly exciting. Certainly not what some reviewers were making it out to be (damn you, New York Times!).

And then home, now fragrant with cookies. I think Mum made three varieties of them today, and we’re going to make more. To quote her, “you can never have enough cookies”. Woot. And Sarah and I shall make some soon (should look up some recipes). I ate several under the pretense of fulfilling a quality control purpose and am now full. Also, Lena came over at my emergency call to fix my hair, but declared it passable, insisting that it would grow out well. Nonetheless, she made a few snips to make me feel better about it. The rest of the evening was spent laughing at things that are on the internet, although some of them were rather disturbing (if anyone has not yet seen the Youtube video Sexy Baba, I suggest that you keep it that way). This website, however, is most excellent. I’ve also set up a Facebook page for my photos. Check it out.


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